About Me

The beginning is the most important part of the work
~ Plato

This is the blog I never thought I’d write. It is a story of freedom and belonging. Of wanderlust and wilderness. An exploration of landscapes, both within and without. It is my story.

It seems that blogging is the thing to do for writers. And so, back in the day, I had a book blog. The thing is, it’s real easy to hide behind someone else’s story. Real easy to pick and poke, heap praise, when you’re not the one standing in the firing line. This is somehow harder.

And so, here I am, with nothing much to say. Nothing, except my own story.

The way I imagine it, here at the beginning before I have begun, this blog will be a wander through my experiences. Part travelogue. Part paintings in words. Exploration of landscapes. Snippets of life. Journalising. Keeping you updated on my world.

I hope, at least, that it will be interesting. I hope that it serves.